The GALVANO STAMPI was established in 1976 as a company operating in the field of galvanic plating, first dealing with chemical nickel plating and hard chrome plating, than, focused just on the hard chrome plating and polishing, with the object to constantly improve to meet the most varied customers requirements.

From January 2018 introduction to the new grinding process, which has enabled us to expand the services offered to customers.

We work with major companies operating in the following sectors:

  • Automotive , molds for industrial and non-industrial vehicles sector
  • Molding plastics and glass
  • Oil & gas industry, components ball valves
  • Pultrusion molds, dies
  • Molds for shoe soles and rubber
  • Molds for injection


We have a qualified laboratory, for any tests the customer may need.
Maximum size: 3500x2200x1000-3500x1200x1300 (height)

Max: 16 tons

Department of mechanical polishing /lapping

Grinding department:

External up to Ø1100X5500 length

Interior up to Ø600X600 length


The GALVANO STAMPI act in full respect of the environment and the rules in force , ensuring at every stage of the work process , quality and accurate controls.